Beautiful paddle boarding spots in Alberta Canada

(Photo/video by Ben Liebrand)

Although the province of Alberta is landlocked, it is known for its many beautiful lakes and rivers. Each year numerous tourists from around the world are visiting Alberta to see its beauty with their own eyes.
The most popular spots are Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper where the Rocky Mountains are embracing you. Waterfalls, cascades and emerald coloured lakes are taking your breath away with their beauty.

But Alberta has even more to offer you. When you travel South along the Rocky Mountains through the foothills, you will encounter prairies stretching out as far as the eye can see, rivers and lakes where you don’t expect them. One of these lakes is Chain Lakes. It is located appr. 1.5 hrs. south of Calgary and it has a nice campground for those who like to explore the area for a couple days. Our instructor Ellen was on location here recently (see video below).

If you’re looking for a new paddle boarding location to explore, go south. It is worth the drive.

By paddleawaytoday Blog