Organic sunscreen to keep our waterways clean

On a daily basis, we’re getting informed and educated about the incurable amounts of waste being dumped into our oceans and waterways. Action is being taken and obviously, more need to be done to clean up our waters and protect the species who call it ‘home’.

One of the products we use regularly is sunscreen which contains chemicals. Not all brands use the same chemicals but they all do contain them.

JaiVen Skin developed a line of skin products that is organic, native and urban. The certified organic ingredients are free of artificial chemicals and synthetic preservatives. 

The team at is using JaiVenSkin sunscreen. The handy little stick is easy to put in a dry bag when paddling, a purse or a sports bag. It is especially handy when you’re on the water where sunburn happens before you know it.

To learn more about this unique product, visit When you order any of the JaiVenSkin products, use the following code and receive 10% discount: ASTRID10.
Or order here through and we donate 10% to Ocean Ambassadors Canada.

Let’s all do our part to keep our waters free of chemicals!

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