Stress and anxiety can be a part of your life no matter your age. But luckily, paddle boarding can be as well!

Once upon a time, people would max out their lifespan at the ripe age of 25-30. Nowadays, certain individuals reach the respectable age of 100, but everyone who lives to see those triple digits has something in common: they stay regularly active and keep their stress to a minimum. The healthier your lifestyle, the more likely you are to reach a higher age. Paddle boarding is a sport that can be taken up by anyone, of any age and ability. Who could really believe in that old saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, when we’ve gone for lessons with plenty of people in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s!


The 10 most important health benefits of standup paddle boarding: 

• Improves balance
• Full body workout
• Low impact
• Better cardiovascular health
• Increased overall strength
• Cardio workout
• Helps rehabilitation for injuries
• Endurance training
• Reduces stress
• Effective weight loss

And last but not least… as a paddle boarder you connect more with nature and your environment! 

Your journey is your own, so make it the best journey possible. If you live a healthy lifestyle and keep in the best shape possible, your journey will last as long as you make it. Start improving your quality of life and become a healthier you. Just paddle away, today! 

More information on the health benefits of paddle boarding:

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