Do you want to learn to paddle board? Speed up your progress with One-on-One lessons


It can be frustrating trying to learn to properly paddle board when you only know the bare basics. Paddle boarding should be stress-relieving, not stress-inducing, right? A one-on-one lesson is what you’re looking for.


A private lesson, booked on a day and time convenient to you, will take approximately 2 hours. The lesson will cover everything we do in a small group lesson, including: safety, water launch, body positioning, turning, and proper stroke. In addition, we dive more deeply into advanced SUP techniques to get you paddling ahead of your peers in no time. We’ll make sure you’re completely comfortable with your board both on land and on water, so you’re prepared to set out on your stress-free journey.

Duration: 2 hrs.
Price: $89.00 Cad.
This includes:
– board + paddle
– personal flotation device (PFD)
– ankle leash


Contact us to book your personalized lesson in Ghost Lake, Alberta.
SUP one-on-one Lessons are custom and are NOT available through our online SUP Bookings system.