Come out and learn paddle boarding

FINALLY! Skating season is over, and the time to break out the paddle boards is here. We excitedly check Ghost Lake every single day, waiting for the ice to melt so we can get our feet wet. Knowing that our summers here are short, we enjoy making use of the water every day we can, so make sure to not take this time for granted either!

Just thinking of the temperature of the water this early in the season sends shivers down most peoples spine. But remember, you aren’t going for a swim, you’re going stand-up paddle boarding! When on flat water such as Ghost Lake, even the new and inexperienced will hardly ever fall off. Let’s be honest, odds are that just like every paddler, you will fall in every now and again, but as long as you maintain focus the chances of getting wet are slim.

It all starts with good preparation. Make sure you wear the proper clothing, footwear, and that you have a board comparable to your ability. We even have floaters (basically aquatic training wheels) that can be fixed to your board for added stability during training on the water.

Thinking of making use of the lake with us? Well come on down…
– if you’ve never tried paddle boarding before. Try an introduction lesson for only $25.00 book here.
– if you’re looking for a small beginners group lesson (max. 4 people).
– if you’re interested in a one-on-one lesson to learn proper technique.
– if you’re looking for a fun summer camp for your child.
– if you want to get a nice and gentle workout.
– if you want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the water.

Check out our programs and sign up online or send us an email.

Let’s meet up at the lake!

By paddleawaytoday Blog