How can Paddle Boarding (SUP) help me with my health?

How to live healthier with paddle boarding

Standup paddle boarding is currently one of the fastest growing sports ever. Why? Everyone can do it, no matter their age. Its versatility allows each person to enjoy the sport in their own way, while still having fun and getting a proper workout!

I began paddle boarding when it’s popularity was just beginning to climb. Many people hadn’t yet heard of it and more often than not I had to explain to people what it was. Just a few short years later and even celebrities were picking up paddle boarding, aiding in its rise to fame and making it much easier to mention conversationally.

Standup paddle boarding allows you to explore your adventurous side and breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors, without even realizing that you’re getting a workout! SUP is proven to help strengthen your core muscles, improve your cardio, and provide strength and balance training while being easy on the joints.

One of the questions commonly asked by our participants is: ‘How many calories do I burn while paddle boarding?’ Just like with most workouts, it largely depends on how intensively you paddle. You’ll burn plenty of calories no matter what, but obviously during a leisurely paddle you’ll burn less than by doing SUP fitness training, racing, or joining a tour.

SUP yoga and SUP fitness are rapidly gaining traction as an alternate method of paddle boarding. More and more professional fitness and yoga instructors are adding SUP to their classes, which is really the logical choice when you research the impressive physical and mental benefits the sport offers.

You’re never too old to learn something new like paddle boarding. The healthier your lifestyle the higher the age you’ll achieve, making it worth the effort to make proper food choices, get active, and stay active.
So, why wait? Contact us now and paddle away today!

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