Why paddle boarding is the perfect sport for seniors

SUP: good for seniors or not?

We all know that being active plays an important role in living a healthier lifestyle and increasing our chances of staying younger longer. But the truth is that when we get older, our energy level is decreasing and it is getting more challenging to keep up with fitness or any form of exercise. Although we can’t run as fast as we use to or lift the weights we use to lift anymore, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop exercising. Actually, the opposite is true. We have to put more effort into moving physically on a daily basis.

What is paddle boarding?

One of the fastest growing sport of the last decade if not ever is paddle boarding. You most likely did see people gliding down a river or on a lake or even riding a wave on what looked like a surfboard, holding one paddle in their hands with which they move forward. The best part of paddle boarding is that it is for people of any age. Whether you’re 3 years young or approaching the 3 digits. Paddle boarding is for everyone! As long as you do have a body of water close by you can practice this sport. It is recommended to take a lesson to learn the proper basics in order to avoid injuries. When you paddle board properly you will get a full body work out but in a gentle way. At the same time, you reduce stress which is beneficial for everyone, no matter your age.

The facts of paddle boarding:

  • easy to learn
  • stress relief
  • full body work out
  • not age-related
  • improves balance
  • it can improve osteoporosis
  • great way to gain strength back, for example after an injury or surgery
  • not only physical benefits but mental benefits as well

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Paddle boarding for seniors