5 Must Haves When Going Paddleboarding

Whether you’re making use of your paddle board for leisure, exercise, or sport, it’s important to always make the proper preparations before getting on the water. There are so many variables while paddling that people often don’t realize the number of things that can go amiss. For example, failing to check the weather could result in unexpectedly strong winds, potentially leaving you stranded a ways away from your starting point.

The water might not seem so scary when you’re nice and sturdy on your paddle board, but the situation can look very different if you’ve fallen in the water and are watching your board steadily drift away from you. A number of precautions can be taken to ensure that you’re never left without options. Here are five of the ‘Must Haves’ before embarking on your paddle boarding adventure:

• PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
• Ankle leash (to ensure your board won’t drift away)
• A spotter (someone who knows where you are and where you’re going)
• Communication tools (such as a cell phone kept in a waterproof bag)
• Whistle

A few other more obvious things include appropriate clothing which is suitable for both the weather and the temperature of the water, and snacks or other food to maintain your energy. Make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated as well. With these basics you should be ready for the open water, though you may want to make a list of other personal necessities. Paddle safely!


By paddleawaytoday Blog