How is your balance?

The complexity of the human balance system is often unrealized, and therefore, underappreciated. Many things within your body need to work together to achieve a stable balance and keep you from falling over when performing simple tasks such as standing up or walking. Whether it’s for leisure, exercise, or competition, balance is an integral part of stand-up paddle boarding which helps to keep you from spending the majority of your time in the water.

A proper balance can make or break your paddle boarding career, which is why many paddle boarders regularly train in various ways to improve and maintain their equilibrium. Here are a few ideas and exercises which can be done from the comfort of your own home and will help not only your balance on a paddle board, but your balance in daily life:

• Alternate standing on one leg, starting with 5 or 10 seconds and increasing the time incrementally upon improvement
• Walking throughout the house from heel to toe
• Get a balance board or balance ball
• Cross-stepping, this is done by crossing your right foot over your left, then bringing your left back to its natural position. Switch feet every 5-10 cross-steps.
• Take up a balance-based sport like Yoga or Tai Chi (my balance exercise of choice)

Plenty of other options exist for improving your balance and getting yourself paddle board ready. A proper balance has various health benefits, making balance exercises a great option for improving everyday life and keeping your mind sharp.

By paddleawaytoday Blog