How to SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board) With Your Pup

Can’t stand the sad pout on your four-legged friend’s face when you’re leaving the house to go paddle boarding? You’re in luck, because with a little training your dog can join you on your aquatic adventure, right next to you on your board! Most dogs love the water and take every opportunity to rush straight in, while others can be a little more hesitant. When training a dog for paddle boarding it takes time for them to acclimatize to the feeling of the deck pad under their paws, the to-and-fro motion of the board on the water, getting wet, and especially wearing a specialized canine PFD (Personal Flotation Device). So, take it slow! Make sure to be patient with their rate of learning and comfort before getting out on the water.

Training will go much smoother if you own your own paddle board. Simply lay it on the floor and allow your furry friend to sniff it, walk on it, sit and lie down on it – really whatever he or she prefers to begin feeling comfortable and at home around it. This can sometimes take up to a few days, so be careful to put it in a place where you won’t trip over it while it becomes familiar and they learn to not be afraid of it. Don’t forget about the training tools in your arsenal as well, if your dog is hesitant to step on the board then a treat or two can do wonders for their motivation. Never force them on the board as that can quickly have the opposite effect, and having a paw-some time paddle boarding needs to be fun for you both!

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A fun infographic by the with handy tips:

How to Paddle Board with Your Dog: The Ultimate SUP Pup Safety Checklist


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